Featured Condition: Patella Luxation


Do you have patients who are not suitable candidates for surgery – or would benefit from post-op physio to aid in their recovery?

The underwater treadmill is an excellent and safe way to improve patellar stability.

Did you know that by regulating the height of the water we can control stifle ROM?

At the outset, we may start with a higher water level to minimize the ROM and consequently minimize excessive patella luxation. With time, as the pet’s muscle mass improves, we can safely decrease the water level and increase the walking speed to build even stronger muscles.

The pet’s heart rate is monitored by our veterinarian and registered vet technician. In addition, we monitor activity levels and calorie consumption with a canine activity monitor.

For patients who don’t do well in the water, we offer therapeutic exercise sessions, which are tailored to the pet’s needs and include exercise aids such as balancing boards and “peanut” balls.

Update reports are sent to the referring veterinarian on a regular basis to keep you informed about your patient’s rehabilitation programs.

Please check out the wide variety of conditions we can treat with physical rehab therapies.

We look forward to the possibility of working with you to help your patients move and feel better!

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