Pet Health Checklist

    Is your dog displaying any of the following signs?

    Head held down or off to the sideTail held down or off to the sideStiffnessLamenessUnsteady gaitKnuckling of the pawsYelpingIncontinence

    Have you noticed any of the following behavioural changes in your dog?

    Does not play with toys anymoreAvoids playing with other dogsWill not jump up on furnitureHesitant to climb/go down stairsHesitant to jump up into your vehicleStruggles to get up after laying downBecomes defensiveCrankyNot excited for walksDecreased stamina

    If you checked off any of these signs or behavioural changes, your dog may benefit from physical rehabilitation. Please contact us for more information on what we can do for your beloved pet!

    Print a copy of your completed checklist and share it with your veterinarian and/or bring to your first appointment at our clinic.

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