Our Services

Aqua Therapy

What is it? A low-impact workout with the use of an underwater treadmill/aqua tank. How does it help? Increases muscle strength and cardiovascular Learn More

Cold Laser Therapy

What is it? Light energy that penetrates deep into the tissues to increase cell regeneration. How does it help? Promotes cellular regeneration. Learn More

Chiropractic Therapy

What is it? The branch of veterinary medicine that focuses on spinal health and promotes a healthy nervous system through gentle manipulation of the Learn More

Infrared Therapy

What is it? A radiant heat that reaches deep into the muscle to relieve pain. How does it help? Increases circulation. Reduces inflammation. Who Learn More

Electrical Muscle Therapy

What is it? The stimulation of muscles due to electrical currents that are produced by electrodes placed on the area of interest. How does it help? Learn More


What is it? Ultrasonic is sound energy. Molecules in the tissue, when exposed to a sound wave, will oscillate and generate heat. How does it help? Learn More


What is it? We offer two types of braces: We take a cast mold of the patient’s affected limb, which is then shipped to the manufacturer. They Learn More

Canine Tai Chi

What is it? A centuries-old Chinese martial art, tai chi is described as meditation in motion. Involves the mind, breath and gentle, flowing Learn More

Exercise Programs

What is it? Specific therapeutic exercises to treat a range of conditions. May involve the use of exercise aids such a balls, “peanuts”, Learn More

Canine Massage

What is it? Gentle manipulation of the soft tissue of the body. How does it help? Offers pain relief. Improves mobility. Promotes lymphatic drainage. Learn More