Our “Pack”

At Canine Aquafitness & Veterinary Rehab Centre, our “pack” is dedicated to supporting the rehabilitative needs of your pet so you can enjoy a happy and healthy life together. We’re all passionate about our furry friends and invite you to learn a little more about us!

Dr. Catherine Pampiglione, DVM

Upon graduating from the University of Veterinary Medicine of Bologna, Italy in 1998, Dr. Catherine was offered a position with the prestigious CIRAD, a French veterinary agricultural research centre.  However, she declined the position to follow her passion for animal rehabilitation and undertook more education in veterinary physical rehabilitation. After spending several months in Germany at Vierbeiner Reha-Zentrum, an outstanding veterinary teaching hospital for physical rehabilitation, she went to the University of Tennessee where she completed the canine rehabilitation program.

Dr. Catherine is an American Certified Animal Chiropractor, and a member of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association, and the International Association for Veterinary Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy.

After traveling all over the world, she found her home in the beautiful town of Okotoks where she opened Canine Aquafitness & Veterinary Rehab Centre in 2013. Her clinic offers a unique, caring atmosphere where pets and clients are treated like family. Dr. Catherine, who has more than 15 years of experience in physical rehab, proudly offers her furry patients all the treatments available in human physiotherapy as well as chiropractic treatments and aqua therapy (underwater treadmill).

Dr. Catherine can’t really say that she has much spare time as she is very committed to her furry patients, her own wolfie (Numa), three very spoiled Guinea Pigs (Guido, Geppetto and Baby G) and several fish! Life is busy at Pampiglione casa!

Dr. Cecilia Kung, DVM

Dr. Cecilia received her degree in 2011 from the prestigious Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh, Scotland, one of the oldest veterinary schools in the world.  Before veterinary school, she earned two degrees in Biological Sciences and Anthropology (Primatology) at the University of Calgary.  She spent her first year as a veterinarian in mixed practice before focusing on small animal medicine.  During her second year as a new graduate, she met Dr. Catherine Pampiglione and had a first glimpse into the field of veterinary physical rehabilitation.  Dr. Cecilia has known and maintained a friendship with her colleague for over seven years and fondly recalls all the fun they had cooking and learning to play “Scopa” at Pampiglione casa.

Over her nine years as a small animal veterinarian, Dr. Cecilia noticed that many of her patients suffered from chronic and degenerative joint diseases at some point in their lives.  She also found an increasing number of clients wanting alternative therapies to manage their pets’ mobility conditions.  In 2015 she learned how to use the Class IV Therapy Laser to treat muscle and skeletal ailments and saw first hand the improvements it made in their quality of life.  Seeing these rewarding results prompted her to focus on veterinary physical rehabilitation.  Dr. Cecilia is excited to join Dr. Catherine at Canine Aquafitness & Veterinary Rehab Centre while pursuing certification in veterinary physical rehabilitation and acupuncture.

Dr. Cecilia recently moved to Okotoks and is eager to explore this beautiful town.  Outside of the clinic, she enjoys food, learning the ukulele and spending time with her husband.

Glynnis – Practice Manager

Glynnis first came through our doors when her rotund Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Rebel (pictured above), needed rehab for a neck injury.

After several sessions with Dr. Pampiglione, the two found they had very similar ideas about pet care and business management. Glynnis started her career in veterinary medicine in 2004 as a receptionist and later moved into management, where she found herself enamoured with all the challenges that came with the role.  She happily joined us at Canine Aquafitness in 2020 as a business consultant to help our clinic flourish and grow and on quickly moved to a management position .

For Glynnis, her coworkers are like family and finding joy and synergy in the workplace is her top priority. Quick to start up a conversation, and always eager to make friends with new dogs and cats, you will likely get to know her soon.

In her personal life, Glynnis is a mother through and through, not only caring for her two children, but always the first to offer a hand or hug to family and friends. She fills her time sharing meals with loved ones, staying up to date on Marvel films, dancing to ABBA, and taking every chance she can to learn and grow in new areas of her life.

Elichke Duncan – Customer Care Representative

Elichke joined us in January 2020 after graduating from the Academy of Learning College with her Health Unit Coordinator Diploma. She continues to pursue her love for animals here and has lived alongside her best buddy, Cody (seen above) who is 14 years old. She enjoys board game nights with her friends and spending quality time with her mom. Elichke balances many of the office tasks along with the day-to-day interactions with our clientele.  Her compassion for animals has followed her all the way from South Africa. With a welcoming smile, she is happy to help our clients navigate their schedules to get our patients the care they deserve.


Volunteers are an important part of our team. If you are aspiring to a career in the veterinary field or simply have a passion for working with animals, we would love to hear from you! You can connect with us by completing our Volunteer Form.