Client Testimonials


My potcake Ozzie has been a client of Catherina’s practice in Okotoks for may years and as a result of her great treatment and the service of a phenomenal, super friendly team, Ozzie has been able to manage his hip dysplasia remarkably well. She has made my dog’s life happy and, like the saying goes, a happy dog means a happy doggy parent. Thank you Catherina, Cecilia and Team Canine Aquafitness Okotoks

Oleh W (Jun 2021)


Elaine D (May 2021)

Amazing first impression. Top end, class act place and would highly recommend anyone to come here!

Alex E (May 2021)

Zoey loves going ‘swimming’ and they make her feel so special. 5 STARS

Linda V (Apr 2021)

The entire team at Canine Aqua Fitness Centre are fantastic! After Amelia’s double TLPO surgery, I am so glad we were referred here.

Michele B (Apr 2021)


Shima H (Jan 2021)

Dr Catherine is wonderful and and compassionate and caring and always available to help.

Mark R (Dec 2020)

They were very kind and considerate of my nervous dog, took the time to evaluate him, and then offer a treatment. Look forward to the time he takes a treat from them.

Lorraine C (Nov 2020)


Gordon C (Sep 2020)

Staff are super friendly and treat your dog wonderfully. They have a huge variety of options for rehab and work out a personal program to meet your dog’s needs. If you have a dog who needs rehab from an accident, surgery or just needs extra like my girl who has hip dysplasia be sure to give them a call!

Leanne B (Jul 2020)


Deanna T (Jul 2020)

This clinic is amazing. The staff are so friendly and knowledgeable and care so much about their patients. Appointments are very personalized and the clinic is so welcoming. It’s very quiet and calming and my dog is very happy to go to her appointments there.

Becky B (Jul 2020)

If your pet has an injury, then this is the best place for conservative management. Your pet will be thoroughly examined and appropriate treatment will be offered. We had a pug with a CCL tear who has fully recovered . A custom brace was made for him. Now our other pug is going through the same as we noticed her limping.

Ela T (Jun 2020)

Great place with friendly staff. Water treadmill is unique and is effective. Thank you!

Aaron W (May 2020)

I want to thank Dr Catherine and her staff , for the wonderful way they have treated Sprocket and myself. We have a 2 hour drive to get here and they are very accommodating. (Well worth the drive) Sprocket is a 8 year old Schnauzer cross dog that tore his CCL. I was looking for an alternative to surgery when I was refereed to Canine & Veterinary Rehab Centre. Dr Catherine fitted Sprocket with a knee brace 3 weeks ago. Sprocket hasn’t looked back since. He is doing wonderful, we are back to doing 2 short walks a day and he is one happy puppy which makes me happy.

Wendy E (Dec 2019)

Great place for doggie rehab.

Colette R (Aug 2019)

Dr. Catherine is the best. Her treatment works wonders!

Cindy C (Aug 2019)

Peanut and I are forever grateful for the work everyone does here! He is always so excited to come for therapy and see his “friends” Meagan, Austin and Dr. Catherine. Peanut continues to grow stronger each day and his quality of life since his injury in March has been steadily increasing.
I am so glad I entrusted his care with everyone at this amazing clinic. Thank you for making our lives better and mobile again!

Chelsea M (Jul 2019)

The staff are wonderful and the facility is so clean! Everyone works hard to make a great environment for dogs and people to prosper!

Alida V (Jun 2019)

Best physiotherapist there is! We love her.❤️

Shawna S (Dec 2018)

Dr. Catherine’s professionalism and care for animals are profound. Corrado is a testimonial to her excellent care and diligence.

Daniel D (Sep 2018)

Dr. Pampiglione is an amazing vet. Very very knowledgeable! A caring vet. Can’t say enough about her.

Debbie U (Sep 2018)

We love the team at Canine Aquafitness! They were incredibly helpful when our dog suffered from Degenerative Myelopathy. He loved going for his treatments and Dr. Catherine was very patient and gentle with him. We can not recommend them enough! They are a compassionate and knowledgeable group. Your dog will thank you for taking them here!

Megan S (Aug 2018)

Great people, friendly service and nice place!

Igor T (Jul 2018)

Great people, great place.

Natasha S (Jun 2018)

Friendly staff, great service.

Angharad G (Jun 2018)

The staff at Canine Aquafitness are such caring and knowledgeable people that I felt comfortable working with them right away. And, the harder task, my dog did too!

Corey S (Jun 2018)

Amazing. The staff are all great, they made us and our dog feel very welcome.

Melissa V (Jun 2018)

Great caring staff who are helping my furbaby gain his mobility back. Their knowledge and compassion go above and beyond. We would highly recommend them.

Tracy D (May 2018)

Dr. Catherine and the staff are very compassionate and helpful. Maestro really enjoyed and benefitted from the aquatherapy, massage, and physio after he was diagnosed with IVDD and osteoarthritis. Although Maestro has crossed Rainbow Bridge, I still keep up with the massage techniques on family and friends’ dogs. Maestro wouldn’t want me to get rusty.

Rhona-Mae A (Dec 2017)

The entire staff at Canine Aquafitness is very friendly. From the moment you walk through the door they make worried pet owners and injured pets feel at ease, comfortable and that there is hope for recovery. My dog gets very stressed and shakes the whole time we are at the regular vet, but when we go to Canine Aquafitness she is at ease and walks around happily greeting the staff and requesting treats. There are similar treatment centers in Cochrane and Calgary, but I make the drive from Cochrane to Okotoks because I have had such a positive experience with Dr. Catherine and her staff and she has done an amazing job with my little Sasha on her road to recovery.

Calida L (Sep 2017)

I just wanted to say a giant THANK YOU to Dr. Catherine and all the staff at Canine Aquafitness. They have helped our pets tremendously and I can’t say enough great things about them. I first brought a foster dog to Dr. Catherine about 18 months ago. She could barely stand and had difficulty walking. After one month of treatment the results were unbelievable… not only can Taco walk, she runs! Everywhere! She is doing better than we could have ever imagined. Recently we brought in our miniature schnauzer Madi… An x-ray revealed a narrowing between 2 vertebrae and we wanted Dr. Catherine to assess her. Madi received 2 chiropractic treatments and she is a completely different dog! We have an 8 yr old puppy now! I am so happy to see my dog feel so good. I cannot express my sincere gratitude for all you do for our fur babies. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

Vanessa L (Jul 2017)

There is no one like Dr. Catherine. She is so amazing, kind and gentle. There will be a special place in heaven for this wonderful lady. She has given so many of our furry friends a new lease on life and extended their stay for owners and animals. She goes above and beyond everyday. We thank you from the bottom of our heart. We love you. It has been a pleasure to have met you and thank you for all you do for everyone.

Cliff & Marlene N (Jan 2017)

We first started with Dr. Pampiglione and Canine Aquafitness over a year ago. At that time we had two senior dogs with different problems. We were specifically seeking help with our Yellow Lab/Brittany Spaniel mix and her limp. Wit Dr. Pampiglione’s help we were able to reduce her limp and identify a bone spur on her shoulder. Dr. Pampiglione then began laser treatment on her shoulder and hips (she also has arthritis in her hips), which showed a dramatic improvement in her movement and comfort. Being a senior dog it is likely that she will have to live with some discomfort for the rest of her life, but the relief that Canine Aquafitness and Dr. Pampiglione has brought, and continues to bring to our girl, is a great comfort to us. We owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Pampiglione and to the staff of Canine Aquafitness that can never be repaid, and we highly recommend that pet owners of all stripes consider availing themselves of their services to speed healing and bring relief to their ailing pets! Thank you Dr. Catherine for being such an important part of our lives and particularly in the life of our dog, Abbey.

Robert & Angie C (Nov 2016)