At 10:55 pm (on Monday, Feb 10, 2020) Samba left us, in his mother’s arms. He fought the good fight, he finished the race that was set before him. In his last days, he was surrounded by so much love— so much care given by Blaise and Elliot and Ellen and Doug. And I, Adele, was privileged to share his last moments and his last days. As he has always been, he was an expression of pure love, and filled the hearts of all his family with so much joy. Love and good fun, a hearty bark at other 4 legged beings who dared trespass on his yard, walks with Gramma and his mom and me and the many others who shared our adventures. The family camp outs. Car rides. A&W hamburgers. Running down the hall chasing the teddy bear. The love of Blaise with his hair covering Samba, his prayers covering Samba. The love of Elliot with Samba in his arms, taking him for his last walks. Ellen holding Samba that one last time. He will be missed, his memory treasured. We are happy to think of him running to greet Gramma again, jumping on her lap, and then running with her as long and as fast as his heart desires. We love you Samba, always.