We’re so sad to lose our sweet Olivia or “Ollie” as she was usually called – Olivia was her naughty name when she was mischievous, which was often, but we loved it. You were more than a pet, you were our family and we loved the time we got to spend with you, all the adventures and the endless snuggles.

She’d had a few health issues over the years but was always a little trooper and bounced back and kept on going. We thought we’d have more years with her but alas, it wasn’t to be. We’ve spent the week since you left us watching your last footsteps in the snow melt away but the impression you left in our hearts will be with us forever.

So goodbye Olivia, we’ll never forget you, your character and how you lit up our house, we loved you deeply. Thank you for being part of our family and such a great friend.

Thanks to Dr Catherine, Megan, Austin & Kim for all the care you gave our sweet girl over the last few months. It really was fantastic having her old “zooms” back ’cause she loved her walks and would never slow down. She always loved her visits and pulled like crazy to get in (whether we had an appointment that day or not).

Simon & Angharad