Lucky Spence

Lucky — our “Big Guy” — was the coolest greyhound you could ever meet (in the pic he is on the right with his pal Stanton). Equally happy in a crowd or lazing on his bed, he loved walks and treats. He had a rough start to retirement coming off a Mexican track that abandoned Lucky and hundreds of other dogs. Thanks to a rescue organization in El Paso, Texas, all of the dogs were rescued and placed with greyhound rescue organizations throughout North America. Lucky needed to regain a lot of weight and build up his stamina, but he quickly and happily adapted to retirement. He came to Canine Aquafitness as a senior experiencing back pain and weakness in his hind legs. Laser treatments and chiro made an amazing difference and we will always be grateful for the extra, precious time we had with him thanks to Dr. Catherine’s tender loving care. Sadly, Lucky was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (aggressive bone cancer) in early June 2016 and passed away about a month later. His greyhound “brother” Stanton was diagnosed with the same disease and passed away a mere three days after Lucky. They truly were brothers in life and we take solace in knowing they’re together again, romping around happy and pain free.

The Spences – High River, AB