Featured Condition: Tai Chi for senior arthritic & neuro-compromised pets

Do you have patients who have ambulatory problems due to arthritis or neurological deficit, and would benefit from a low-impact exercise?

Tai Chi for Dogs is a very gentle way to improve flexibility, mobility and limb placement with minimal stress on muscles and joints.

Did you know that by touching specific areas of a dog’s body we can awaken the nervous system, thereby improving proprioception and spinal reflexes?

Canine Tai Chi is a combination of neurological stimulation, passive range of motion and stretching that creates a calm and natural balance of energy.

Senior arthritic patients will benefit from enhanced flexibility and range of motion of hips, shoulders and spine. Tai Chi can also help neuro-compromised pets experience better control of their movements and awareness of their surroundings.

Tai Chi is performed by our veterinarian and our registered vet technician. We also offer hands-on classes for pet parents interested in learning about this ancient discipline.

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