Aqua Therapy

What is it?

  • A low-impact workout with the use of an underwater treadmill/aqua tank.

How does it help?

  • Increases muscle strength and cardiovascular functionality.
  • Promotes healthy weight management.

Who benefits from this therapy?

  • Patients suffering from osteoarthritis, recovering from orthopedic surgery, and those with neurological conditions.
  • Pets with behavioural problems. Issues such as fear, dominance, and excess energy can be re-directed and channeled by using physical and mental stimulation.

New enhancement to your pet’s Aqua session!

We are now using the Fitbark Dog Activity Monitor in our clinic to track your pet’s activity level and calorie burn during their Aqua session — translating into “Fitbark points” earned. This device can also monitor your dog’s everyday activity and sleep, and turns it into actionable health insights. It’s a great way to motivate your dog — and you! — to be healthy together. Fitbark monitors are available for purchase at our reception desk!

Cost-saving aqua packages available!